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Maths Action aims to inspire Maths Teachers, offering insights and ammunition to help boost confidence in maths students.

Find out what Maths Action has achieved

There is a British Culture of “I am no good at maths” being seen as a badge of honour. This seriously hampers educational achievement and consequently has a detrimental, knock-on effect for British industry.

Find out more about what Maths Action has achieved.

Be inspired

Watch Maths Action in action at Langley Park (an eight-minute film), Ambition (a three-minute film aimed at Year 9 girls), and Question Time at Langley Park (a 57-minute film).

Understand why many girls have a fear of maths

Hear a discussion among girls who will NOT continue to study maths after GCSE:

Hear a discussion among girls who WILL continue to study maths after GCSE:

Read the report: The Fear Factor

“FEAR: A feeling of apprehension, concern, alarm, distress, anxiety, to be afraid, dread.” Collins Dictionary

Report_TFF-coverRead this insightful report: The Fear Factor, which attempts to understand why girls do not continue to study maths after GCSE level, and consequently fail to pursue careers in maths related areas. The Fear Factor is written by Dr Samantha Callan, MA (Cantab) Social Anthropology, MTh.

Find out more and download the report: The Fear Factor.

Read the report: What’s It Got To Do With Me?

Maths Action Report: What's It Got To Do With Me?This paper, written by Diane Carrington, M.Sc. Psych. PGCE, explores why British girls don’t continue to study Mathematics in the 6th Form after the compulsory GCSE exam, and their often negative attitude towards maths; thus instigating the title,‘What’s it go to do with me?’

Find out more and download the report: What’s It Got To Do With Me?

Find out what the Government doing about school maths

The present government has an antipathy to overall targets.

It’s difficult to test-compare internationally, because most countries don’t test until a student is 18; however there is a wealth of research comparing maths performance and practice internationally. This was used to develop British government policy and new curriculum and qualifications…

Read more about the issues and the government’s long term vision.


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