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“Your Daughter’s Future” a downloadable guide for parents to support their daughters as they make important decisions about their next steps – on the National Careers Service website. Your Life is  aimed at young adults in the UK, helping to ensure that they have the maths and science skills needed to succeed in the currentContinue reading Money Stuff

What have we achieved?

There is a British Culture of “I am no good at maths” being seen as a badge of honour. This seriously hampers educational achievement and consequently has a detrimental, knock-on effect for British industry.

This damaging attitude is far more prevalent among girls than among boys, and it hampers their future life and earning ability.

The root of the problem is the negative attitude to maths of many teenage girls and their family; as our tests show, this attitude can be changed cheaply by a school, in under two hours…

Langley Park: Maths Career Advice Programme

Maths Action in action at Langley Park School for GirlsLangley Park School for Girls created a programme of events to help girls see the value of maths in school and encourage them, their parents and carers, and teachers to promote a positive attitude to maths study…

Do Parents Hate Maths Homework?

Some parents feel obliged to help their children with maths homework. This is a relatively recent demand by schools, regrettable because homework is supposed to be practice for children to work on their own…